YPP’s top 5 ideas

#1) Make the budget completely public down to the last tax dollar

Let every British Columbian see where every tax dollar comes from and where every tax dollar goes. Right down to the last tax dollar, all of this will be available on the internet. If you want to know how much money Golden Ears Provincial Park spent on toilet paper for the outhouses, you should be able to find it out in less than 5 minutes online.

 #2) Make all government contracts and actions completely public for everyone to see.

Let every British Columbian see everything which the government has agreed to. Before signing any major contracts the terms and conditions will be made public and available to scrutinize. If the government signs a contract with a corporation for the water rights to a river in your province, you deserve to see what is in that contract, and who signed it. If a union is negotiating with the government, you should be able to see exactly what the contract discussions are.

 #3) Give out incentives for uncovering government waste.

Actively encourage all British Columbians to help find ways in which the government can save money. Each year offer a cash reward for the suggestion that saved the government the most money while still providing the same or a better quality and level of service to British Columbians.

 #4) Make all votes in the legislature free votes and completely public.

Allow MLA’s to represent their constituencies and the people of the province and not their political parties or special interest groups.  End the idea of legislation failing equaling a vote of non-confidence. Let the ideas fail, get redrawn, and get re-proposed. If the MLA’s don’t have confidence in the Premier there should be a vote held specifically for that.

 #5) Make campaign promises legally binding.

With all of the government information being public there is no reason why a political party shouldn’t be able to live up to their campaign promises. So if a party promises to cut taxes by a certain date and they don’t do it, it will trigger an election.