What is YPP all about?

James Filippelli, founder of YPP explains what YPP is all about.

James Filippelli, YPP from YPPofBC on Vimeo.

British PM advocates YPP policies

Here is a great TED Talk where David Cameron, before he was the British Prime Minister, advocates for a lot of the things that have been part of the YPP platform since 2002!

How the Internet can make the Government better, without spending more money

Jennifer Pahlka’s TED Talk about how government can make utilize technology to save money and still provide better services to their citizens.

Tools are already available for Governments to utilize the internet to enhance democracy

Clay Shirky’s TED Talk about collaborative software and how it can be utilized by governments to interact with citizens, write better laws, and generally improve democracy.


A story on YPP done for BCIT Magazine


Corrupt Governments aren’t just a Third World Problem!

Heather Brooke talks about her battle to expose corruption in the British Parliament. It’s time to make all this information public now, so that this is no longer possible!

Are you apathetic about Politics? Or does the government want to keep you uninvolved?

Dave Meslin talks about how to improve citizens involvement in politics by actually encouraging people to get involved.

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