The current methods of providing healthcare are not working. Many British Columbians do not have a personal doctor. The World Health Organization ranks Canada 10th in the world for the highest per capita healthcare spending but 30th for the quality of the healthcare system. It is time to take innovate approaches to improve the health of British Columbians.



  • BC needs cost effective treatment that ensures every British Columbian gets the level of care they deserve while tracking the true cost of healthcare.
  • To reduce healthcare costs and improve service, the front line in health care will be nurse practitioners. These highly trained professionals can meet the needs of 90% of health care patients while reducing costs and ensuring people who need to see a doctor have access to one.
  • The Government will make it a priority to ensure all British Columbians have access to a Family Nurse Practitioner, so that citizens can consistently use the same person for their frontline access to health care.
  • Electronic Healthcare records will be created for all British Columbians who want one. This will reduce costs and allow the health history of users to be tracked better when accessing the system from different locations.


  • BC will remove all restrictions on the number of health care professionals that are allowed to be trained in BC each year. This will improve access to healthcare professionals by increasing the supply of nurses and doctors, and will ultimately decrease the cost of health care.



  • The Healthcare system will shift focus towards prevention. Incentives to live a healthy lifestyle and manage your own health will be created. YPP will work to remove taxes on sporting goods and recreation programs that promote healthy activities making these more affordable for British Columbians. Certain programs and equipment purchases will be made tax deductible.