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Some things you might not have heard about the 2014 Municipal Election results from around BC:


Gregor Roberstson of Vision Vancouver was re-elected and will become the longest serving mayor of Vancouver if he serves out the new full 4 year municipal term.

Despite being re-elected, he won’t be able to put Vision policies through as easily for him as it has been over the past 3 years.

With Robertson and only 6 Vision Councillors elected, VV has 7 votes and they need 8 votes in order to pass budgets and other major measures. To pass these measures he will need a vote from Adriane Carr, or one of the three NPA councillors.

The NPA now dominates the Park Board. This will likely result in the overturn of the ban on captive breeding of Cetaceans at Vancouver Aquarium.

The Vancouver School Board is split with four Vision and 4 NPA members. Janet Fraser of the Green Party holds the balance of power here. This will give her a lot of input into what passes at the School Board.

All 3 questions on the back of the ballot about the city borrowing money to finance spending for Parks and Recs, Public Safety and Public Works, and Community Facilities passed easily.


BC LEGISLATURE 3#2) Greater Victoria:

Did you know there are 13 different municipalities in the Greater Victoria Area? There were referendum questions about amalgamating these cities on the ballot in 8 of these municipalities and 7 of them passed.

With more than half of the municipalities in Greater Victoria wanting to look at amalgamation, there is a big potential to save money by reducing duplication of services, mayors, and councillors and create a more unified vision for the area which could help with the development of much needed transportation infrastructure in the area.


Once again we learn that polls can’t be trusted. Going into Election Day we were told that this was a tight three way race, but it turns out that Linda Hepner of Surrey First, won with almost twice as many votes as the next competitor. Hepner took over the Surrey First Party when Dianne Watts, a very popular mayor, decided not to run again. With a Surrey First Mayor and Council, we can expect a continuation of the policies which occurred under Mayor Watts.

Hepner has said that one of her main priorities will be getting a light rail network in Surrey, which is much needed transportation infrastructure in the area.

What do you think about the election results? Any interesting results in your area? Let us know…

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