Skeptical of Trudeau’s promises?

Nov 4, 2015 by

If you are like me, you are hopefully optimistic, but still skeptical about whether Trudeau will follow through with all of the promises he made.

For those who have followed YPP for years, a lot of the Liberal promises will sound familiar. Some around transparency in government—such as making all data and information open by default—seem to come right out of the YPP platform.

It remains to be seen however if the Liberals will actually implement the policies? Well now there is an easy way to see how they are doing.

The Trudeau Meter was started by a group of guys with the intent of allowing people across Canada to track how well the Liberals live up to their promises

The site was modeled after the Murasi Meter which was started in Egypt in 2012 after the people of Egypt elected their first democratically elected Prime Minister in recent times.

The site allows the public to sign up as “Promise Trackers” in order to provide updates on how the government is doing in fulfilling their promises. All of the promises are sourced so that you know when they were made. You can check back daily to see which ones the government has achieved, has broken, hasn’t started, or is in progress with fulfilling.

We at YPP think this is a much needed tool and would like to see it implemented at all levels of government to track promises made by every elected representative. YPP wants to see election promises be legally binding in the future. The first step in implementing this is to have a clear process for tracking the promises made and how well they are fulfilled.

Good job Trudeau Meter team! We look forward to checking in on your website regularly.

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