Bravo Delta Firefighters!!

Jun 12, 2015 by

Very happy to see that Delta Firefighters are now trained at the same level as paramedics and will be providing this level of help when they arrive on the scene.

Bravo Delta! It is good to see a government looking for innovative approaches to providing better service to citizens. Consolidating first responders has the potential to save lives and money. If firefighters are to be the first ones on the scene, don’t we want them to have the best training available and be authorized to perform it in order to save lives?

It’s a shame to see the process has to be initiated as a response to the poor call out times from ambulances and not through a concentrated effort of all levels of government and stakeholders to work together to make first responders more efficiently and effectively.

It is also sad to see the pushback and political bickering over jurisdiction instead of looking at how this could work as an example for better service all across British Columbia.



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